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I have been a Star Trek fan my whole life! I’m constantly imagining a world where there are no boundaries, people are good, and technology has progressed to the level where humans interact in the most natural way with creatures, computers, robots and even holograms. This thought has inspired generations of people including computers programmers, hardware manufacturers, designers and many more.

It’s no surprise that voice-enabled devices has been booming around the world and helping us with our lives with devices such as Alexa, Google Home, Siri and others.

Here at Over.ai we thought, how can we utilize those experiences for businesses?

What is unique about that space?

While conducting the research we found out very interesting facts.
1. Even though digital has been on the raise, the vast majority of customers are using their phone when talking to businesses and not using the digital form of communication (website, app, messenger…)
2. Businesses and organizations make a lot of outgoing calls, even though you probably think about telemarketing and spam calls, it’s only a small portion of the pie while the majority is fact-checking, confirmation, etc…
Here at Over.ai we have been working on AI for telephony use cases for the last couple of years. In fact, our first experiment was very much like Google demonstrated in their last Google I/O (google duplex) and here is how it sounded like almost 2 years ago…



We decided not to go that way (consumer) but what I like about that experiment is:

1. That it worked!
2. It didn’t matter to the restaurant host that it’s speaking to an AI.

For example, on the TV show Silicon Valley, there’s an episode where the AI robot falls in love with pied piper CEO and runs away from its master to him while ordering a taxi.


Ai Robot taking a cab

Ai Robot taking a cab


When he asked – didn’t you find anything odd about driving a robot?
The taxi driver answer if the credit cards work I don’t care.

The same answer we got from the restaurant host – we called to cancel our reservation but took the opportunity to ask her – didn’t she feel that something is wrong?
She responds –
           “it’s my job to book tables, I don’t care who is calling …”

Our platform enables developers to use the platform to create those cool experiences, from restaurant to lawyers and contacts centers.
Lastly – I wanted to share with you the Google duplex demo sample project for your enjoyment.

1. Sign-up at voice.over.ai/developers
2. Load the restaurant reservation demo from our GitHub
3. Use our outgoing API (or use our cool Nexmo integration) to make that call

The end result should sound like that :

I can’t wait to see your cool A.I experiences!

Sign-up here and start making your own voice.over.ai experiences today.


Yossi Marouani – CTO





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