AI + Nexmo = The future of outbound calls

From proactive customer service to surveys and renewals,outbound calls are key to effective customer communication.

Over.ai now support native integration with Nexmo that allows developers and enterprises can easily build inbound and outbound AI services to benefit from an effective, customized, 24/7 contact center solution, natively integrated with their telephony operation.

To demonstrate the steps required to set up an outgoing call powered by conversational AI, we’ve created a tutorial for building an outgoing AI agent that can call a restaurant and make a reservation (similar to the experience Google Duplex demonstration at the Google I/O).

Building the agent involves 6 easy steps:

  1. Sign up at developers-v2.over ai
  2. Go to our GitHub and download the reservation demo agent
  3. Import the agent into your account
  4. Create NCCO file for making an outgoing call
  5. Get all the token needed to make the call 
  6. Initiate the call

Details :

1. Over.ai signup: Go to Over.ai Developers portal and signup as a developer. Confirm your account via email..


On the agent’s dashboard – click on import on the side menu (on the right)

2. Visit Over.ai GitHub repository, right click on the zip file, Download and save the zip locally on your computer



3. On the over.ai agent Import Screen, choose the downloaded zip and click on “Import”. You can modify the agent to suite your use case

4. Read the Nexmo outbound calls tutorial. Notice the answering URL for the NCCO. The file indicated what to do when the call is connected. You need to create one in order for Nexmo to connect with over.ai sip endpoint

5. Return an NCCO that connects Nexmo to Over.ai using this code:

        "action": "connect",
        "eventUrl": [
         "from": "97299999999",
          "endpoint": [
                "type": "sip",
                "uri": "sip:NEXMO-AAA-BBB@sbc.over.ai"

In the SIP endpoint template 

AAA – is the Over.ai agent ID
BBB – is the Over.ai developer ID

CCC – Nexmo user ID
DDD – Nexmo API secret


How to obtain the keys?

a. In Over.ai right click on the agent and click on API Keys

b. In Nexmo dashboard, go to https://dashboard.nexmo.com/getting-started-guide


6. Make the call. You can use the Nexmo API to make outbound calls. You’ll need to make sure your code uses the NCCO file we created earlier. Link to Nexmo outgoing call.


Video Tutorial :


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